is now about physics

Dear Visitor,

the domain has now a new owner. This implies that the old content you were searching for is no longer available. We are sorry if this caused any inconvenience for you.

With this change in ownership we want to also change the focus of the website. Frankly speaking, will now really be about physics! So, if Maxwell is a soccer player for you, this page might not be what you are looking for.

The main topics that will be covered by the new page are how to obtain a phd in physics, what should be taken care of when working towards a phd, where should one study etc. We hope that the new scope fits your needs and you will actively participate in the community to make life a little easier for future, ongoing and past phd students in physics.

Feel free to leave any comment if you feel thischange of scope is not or very much in your interest! Thats it, let us hope we may be able to reach a lot of people and spread our love about the various topics.

Take care and see you soon our brand new website (at least when its finished ;)


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Of course we have a little experience in delivering high quality pages on physics. Not convinced because this page is not up and running (and yes, there is no formatting whatsoever), then please check out, where we provide high-quality worksheets with solutions, connections to current research, educational tools, and nice videos and pics ;). Below is an example of a simulation made with the iFDTD toolbox we provide for educational use (of course, for free as everything on the site):