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Physics is a natural science that studies fundamental natural phenomena. In order to explain their properties and behavior using quantitative models and laws, she is particularly concerned with matter and energy and their interactions in space and time.
Here, explaining means classifying, comparing, assigning more general phenomena or inferring from more generally applicable laws of nature.[1] This often requires the formation of new, suitable terms, sometimes including terms that are no longer accessible to direct observation. Physics cannot provide explanations in the philosophical sense of “why” nature behaves in this way. Instead, she deals with the "how". For example, she cannot explain why crowds attract each other. This behavior can only be described with different models. Newton did this by assuming that there is an attraction between bodies. Einstein had a completely different idea, who explained gravitation by saying that matter bends space-time.
The way physics works consists of a combination of experimental methods and theoretical modelling. Physical theories prove their worth when applied to natural systems by allowing predictions about later states if their initial states are known. Advances in knowledge result from the interplay of observation or experiment with theory. A new or further developed theory can explain known results better or at all for the first time and also stimulate new experiments and observations, the results of which then confirm or contradict the theory. Unexpected observational or experimental results give rise to theory development in various forms, from incremental improvement to the total abandonment of a long-accepted theory.
Findings and models from physics are used intensively in chemistry, geology, biology, medicine and engineering.
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