About PhysicsPhD.net

Our Mission

This page is about your future physics PhD degree!

To get a first impression, here’s an introduction by Dr. Toby Wisemann from the Imperial College London. It is specifically on achieving a PhD in Theoretical Physics at that university. However, it is a nice starting point:

Specifically we want to answer some of the basic questions for a physics PhD:

  • How to obtain? What are the necessary steps?
  • Where to obtain? Not only about a specific university, but also on a specific country etc.
  • Who should try it – pro’s and con’s.

I think our mission is very much clear and we hope to be of assistance to you!

A Side-Note

This domain is also used for testing purposes for web technology. Therefore, appearance might change from time to time depending on the tested technology.
At this point we are trying to learn Jekyll, a static website generator that is used for example by Spotify Developers. However, we may switch to Worpress later on…