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There are so many reasons why you should try to do your best and get through graduate school. Think about it: Very few people actually study physics. In the United States is around 35’000 – 40’000 students enrol in physics each year.

The dropout rate for undergrads is already very high. But only about 2000 students actually make it to a physics PhD every year in the United States. That’s only a less than 1/10 fraction of the United States MD output.

That’s one quantitative argument.

But there are more reasons for motivation. Check out our posts in this category to find out why you should dream big and go all-in for a physics PhD!

Dream Big Work hard!
It’s not the easiest thing but obtaining a Physics PhD is worth the effort!
  • 5 Ultimate Reasons to get a Physics PhD!

    Achieve great things, get a physics PhD

    Did you ever wonder why you should get your physics PhD? You may ask yourself if all the effort is really worth it? The answer to that question ultimately resides in you. So let us try to dig a bit deeper. What are your main drivers? What get’s you up in the morning? Is it […]