Indigenous Knowledge Meets Physics: A Journey of Collaboration and Discovery

This article explores the intersection of physics and indigenous knowledge systems, highlighting opportunities for collaborative research. It delves into the understanding of indigenous knowledge systems, physics concepts that align with them, and current and future collaborative research opportunities. The article also features a case study of the Event Horizon exhibition, which promotes collaboration and inclusivity in the scientific community.

Collaborate or Compete? Navigating the Ethics of Scientific Collaboration in Physics Research

This article explores the importance of scientific collaboration in physics research, the benefits and challenges of collaboration, and the ethical considerations involved. It provides strategies for navigating ethical challenges and emphasizes the need for transparency, accountability, communication, and trust in collaboration.

The Power of Collaboration: Building Strong Connections in Your Physics PhD Program

This article highlights the importance of collaboration in the field of physics and provides tips for building strong connections with fellow students in a physics PhD program. It also offers examples of successful collaborations in the field and encourages students to expand their network beyond their program.

Collaboration and Learning Opportunities for Physics PhD Students: A Look at 2023 Conferences

This article explores the benefits of attending 2023 physics conferences for physics PhD students, including collaboration and networking opportunities. Specific events discussed include the IPCS Summer School, ISPC25, Holography@25 School and Workshop, ENNAS School, and International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy.