From Lab to Legislature: The Power of Physics PhDs in Shaping Public Policy

This article explores the potential impact of physics PhDs in politics, the current state of physics representation in politics, overcoming barriers to political involvement for physicists, the role of scientists in politics, and promoting scientific literacy and citizen science.

The Power of Physics in Public Policy: Opportunities for PhD Students

Published in Career Development / Industry Jobs
Tags: Research / Graduate School / Networking

Explore the intersection of physics and public policy and discover the many opportunities available for PhD students in science policy. From the basics of science policy work to success stories of alumni, this comprehensive article will inspire and motivate students to consider pursuing a career in science policy.

Mastering the Art of Scientific Communication: Tips and Strategies for Physics PhD Students

Published in Research Skills / Scientific Communication
Tags: Physics / PhD / Networking

This comprehensive article provides tips and strategies for physics PhD students to improve their scientific communication skills. From understanding the basics of scientific communication to developing your own style, utilizing effective strategies, building a network, and managing time and pricing, this article covers everything you need to know to become a successful science communicator.

The Quantum Leap: How Mentorship Can Propel Your Physics PhD Program

Published in Career Development / Mentorship
Tags: Graduate School / Networking / Productivity

This article explores the importance of mentorship in physics PhD programs and provides guidance on finding and working with a great advisor. It covers understanding the advisor/advisee relationship, finding the right advisor, working effectively with your advisor, and the benefits of a great advisor. The article concludes with encouragement to seek out and work with a great advisor to propel your physics PhD program to the next level.

The Power of Collaboration: How US Universities are Leading the Way in International Partnerships

This article discusses the importance of collaboration in academia and how US universities are uniquely positioned to lead international partnerships. It explores the benefits of collaboration, successful collaborations in physics, and the international partnerships of US universities. Additionally, it highlights the opportunities available to students through these partnerships and the future of collaboration in physics.

The Power of Collaboration: Building Strong Connections in Your Physics PhD Program

This article highlights the importance of collaboration in the field of physics and provides tips for building strong connections with fellow students in a physics PhD program. It also offers examples of successful collaborations in the field and encourages students to expand their network beyond their program.

Breaking Boundaries: International Collaboration of Physics PhD Students in 2023

This article highlights the importance of international collaboration in the field of physics and provides an overview of three PhD programs that promote such collaborations. Testimonials from current or past participants and examples of successful collaborations are included. The article concludes with predictions for the future of international collaboration in physics and suggestions for how students can get involved.