Uncovering the Path Integral: How Richard Feynman and a Group of Physics PhD's Contributed to the Manhattan Project

Explore the history behind the path integral approach and its significance in the development of the atomic bomb during the Manhattan Project. Learn about Richard Feynman's involvement and the collaborative effort of a group of physics PhD's in formulating this revolutionary approach.

Peeling Back Reality: The Fascinating Role of Physics in Understanding the Nature of Reality

Explore the evolution of physics and its impact on our understanding of reality, the quantum revolution, quantum computing, the intersection of physics and philosophy, and the importance of continued research and exploration in the field of physics.

Unveiling the Mystery of Dark Matter: A Comprehensive Guide to the Search for the Elusive Particle

Published in Research Areas / Astrophysics
Tags: Particle Physics / Cosmology / Quantum Mechanics

This article provides an in-depth exploration of the search for dark matter in astrophysics, including its definition, characteristics, and evidence for its existence. It also covers the historical background of the search for dark matter, current methods and technologies used to detect it, and potential dark matter candidates. Recent discoveries and developments in the field are also discussed, with the aim of encouraging students to pursue careers in astrophysics and contribute to the search for dark matter.